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Glamorous Grand Concourse Wedding | Zach & Jessica | Station Square | Pittsburgh Wedding Photogr

The afternoon of Sunday, September 10th, was a beautiful, sunny yet just cool enough day to feel comfortable in a tux and glamorous wedding dress. Everyone was holding their breathe the entire week prior to the big day as the rain was heavy and unpredictable all the way up until hours beforehand.

I arrived at the Sheraton Station Square as the bridal party were still prepping for the day, touching up hair and makeup and slipping into their gowns. I loved the dresses each girl had chosen for themselves. All unique to them, yet all coming together so beautifully and glamorously; they were stunning!

While I was with the ladies, my assistant Rachel was getting to know the guys. They were getting their attire on and supporting the leading man, Zach and their son Chase, preparing for that walk to the altar. What a handsome bunch of men they were as well.

Of course, this is kind of like how Zach and Jessica had met, through some of their mutual friends, in which case we share a similar "how we met" story. Their story only continued with a first date in the Starbucks located in a local Target; the brides favorite go to store... I mean, who doesn't love Target?

Their story moved into a love story of ' we're expecting' before the 'I do's' which is the best for their next chapter of when Zack decided it was time to ask for her hand in marriage. Of course, he had a little help from their little guy, Chase. Zach so sweetly put a onesie that said "Will you marry my daddy" then brought him out to Jessica and got down on one knee. How could you possibly say no to that?! I know, Im melting like chocolate in between fingertips over here as well...

Within the hour, Jessica was ready to slip into her dress. This dress was sent straight from heaven as the clouds opened and trumpets played. Can you tell I was more than in love with this dress?? It was even better once she slipped into it. GORGEOUS! Jewelry, shoes and touchups, then we were on our way to photograph the ladies on our walk.

The guys were already out and about and heading to the ceremony location, which was the ever so beautiful Grand Concourse. What a location?! It was an absolutely gorgeous venue. It has a vintage feel as it is an old train station stop. The interior has a grand staircase and marble in every direction. The place settings and decor were perfect. It was time to start the ceremony. The vows were held on the center landing of the grand staircase and all family and friends were there, already set at their seats, where they would spend the remainder of the evening. It was a short, yet sweet ceremony followed by photos with family and of their own.

This is where I finally had a chance to see just how in love Zach and Jessica were and their compassion for everyone around them and in their life. They are so generous to all who come in contact with them and are surrounded by lots of loving people. This was also shown in how the night ended, as they cut their cake, danced and were teared up by the beautiful speeches.

I wish Zach and Jessica a loving and happy marriage and tons of love for their family as they are now one <3




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