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What an exciting time for these two!! I was so happy when Abbie reached out to me to be their wedding photographer. See, Abbie and I go way back to the teenage days. I met Abbie through her brothers, who were some of my closest guy friends in middle/ high school , where we used to hang out almost every day at the parks or one of our houses and Id abuse them with all the romantic early 2000's movies that I think every girl loved then and still do now, Like ' A Walk to Remember' (See, it wasn't just me, was it?) or Id watch one of their dude shows, because, well guys! Those were the good days. But there we were, over zealous teenage girls, staying out late at night, having fun sleep overs and having girlie parties. We had some of the best summers.

Then as time past, we became adults, and all went our separate lives. Growing up sometimes does that to you. You blink and 10 years passes. I feel a lot of people could share this exact story. One day, youre sitting at the park, hanging with your people, the next you're getting married, having children and your entire scenery has changed. I guess that is apart of life.

However, I stayed friends with everyone through social media and kept in contact through the years. I guess you could say that in some aspects, social media is a blessing. It is hard to keep in touch with people when your life is consumed by your family, your work and your everyday responsibilities. Abbie in particular, I kept in touch with the most, as we shared a lot of similarities being moms and raising a family.

I was so happy for Abbie when Phillip came into her life and they had to children together. It was a few+ years before they decided to tie the knot and I couldn't be any happier for them both. I never had the chance to meet Phillip before the wedding, but I knew how happy they all looked and how much love Abbie shared of him.

On the wedding day, I finally had the chance to meet Phillip and was just as down to earth and loving as Abbie always was. I was so happy for Abbie to have found such a great man for herself and him being the Ying to her Yang. He was a ball of fun while also being a little more conservative, while Abbie has always been a spotlight kinda girl who loves to have fun and takes in all of her surroundings, free spirited for sure.

I loved their more intimate of a wedding with all of their closest friends and family. The venue was setup perfectly for a relaxed setup on comfy couches next to the bar and fire place or you could hit the dancefloor with gorgeous uplighting and awesome music. It was the prefect day for an amazing couple.

I am so happy for the both of them and wish you two nothing but the best in life! Here is to many many more years of love and laughter,




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