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A Fantastic Fall Wedding | Matt + Chelle | The Chadwick

I met Matt and Michelle in the fall of 2016, when I had the pleasure of taking their first couples photos with their dogs. At that time, they were just dating, and Matt had not yet popped the question. They were not very into having their photos done and felt as though they would be super awkward in front of the camera, but loved documenting themselves as a couple. I knew then, it would not be the last time I would be photographing them.

Then came late Summer/ early fall when I received an inquiry from none other than Chelle, exclaiming in joy that her and Matt were engaged to be married (I called that... in my own professional experience ;) ) They were ecstatic and looking to start their wedding planning, Which included booking me and having their engagement session done.

Their engagement session took place last fall, nearly a year ago exactly. We met up on the North Shore, where we just missed a day of rain, which seems to be a recurring thing for photos and them, but kinda matches their personality and style. We walked through the north shore and around the infamous Clemente Bridge, getting some of the coolest (and most liked of my instafeed) photos. I was so excited to help them in their journey to planning their big day.

We talked so much about their vision of their wedding day during their session and I was so excited for their wedding to come.

Their wedding day finally arrived, and wouldn't you know it, rain. Not just a little rain, but a whole lot of luck on your wedding day downpours. No one really mind, however, as everything came as natural as if the sun itself was guiding them to their nuptials. I arrived at the hotel where Michelle was finishing up the last bit of her prep and I began to get all of the detail photos. The girls she was surrounded by were so sweet and a side of fun. They were so supportive and loved her reveal to them, I was in awe. Once we were ready to go, we met the guys at North park for a first look and party photos. The first look was so sweet. I loved how they had the same reaction to seeing each other, it was picture perfect.

We didn't last too long in that area, as the rain made it a little difficult to do to much at the lake, but it was just enough to get the fall colors along the water in the background. Once we wrapped it up there, we hopped in the bus and headed to one of my favorite locations, Mellon Institute. I have never experienced the influx of weddings that were there once we arrived. It was all push and go, like herding sheep in a field. Once the area cleared, we luckily had it to ourselves for a little while, just in time to make it over to the ceremony at Heinz Chapel.

Theres really not much to say about the ceremony, well of course that is was beautiful, short and sweet. I loved all the emotion they shared together, as well as some of the laughs and how wonderful the officiant was to help me get the kiss from behind them, capturing all the love from their friends and family. After they were pronounced husband and wife, we stayed for a few more family photos and then it was time to hop back on the bus and celebrate.

We arrived at The Chadwick some time after, and it was time to start the celebration. They were announced in where they immediately went into all of their specialty events. The first dance was beautiful and full of love, sharing sways and kisses and then being handed off to dad and mom. There was even a surprise dance for mom with her daughter. It was beautiful and actually something I had never seen done, since my own wedding (I never did tell you that Chelle!)

Once we surpassed all of the dances, cake cutting and speeches, it was time to eat. I do have to note dinner, as The Chadwick knows how to treat their guests (including vendors, which is such an amazing gesture!)

Dinner went well and then it was time to party. The party was so much fun. Everyone was on the floor dancing and having a great time, as well as visiting the Photo Booth, which was a huge hit! About an hour into the party, The DJ paused the music and introduced a special guest, which had everyone in stitches! Michelles' brother dressed as a chicken as they played the chicken dance. It was so much fun and hilarious. I am so glad I got to experience that piece of magic; priceless!

The party started to wind down, so I headed outside to set up one of my last special shots of the night. Of course it is my signature backlit night shots, but I was planning on magic with an umbrella and rain. To my despair, it had finally stopped raining. I was not the happiest person in the world, but I knew that I had to make this photo happen. A very long time friend of me and my family, who I also just so happened to of photograph her and her husbands wedding, stepped up to help me make it rain. If the weather wasn't going to cooperate once again this day, I was going to play mother nature. I gave them cups of water and had them throw the water to create our own little rain. It turned out magical, just like their day!

It was a great way to end the day and I couldn't be any more happy for Matt + Chelle! I hope you two nothing but the best in all of your endeavors and here's to the rest of our lives!!


Ashley <3




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