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A Long Journey Together | Brandon + Alyse | Bells Banquet

Brandon and Alyse' day was such a fun and amazingly beautiful day. I have known Brandon since I was a middle schooler all the way to the day he graduated. We grew up in a smaller community where everyone pretty much knew everyone. Here we are 12 years after I graduated High school and he is still the same guy, same face, but now with a wonderful, gorgeous wife and two beautiful kids.

When Alyse reached out in search of a photographer, I was quick to hop on her post and exclaim who I was, eager to work with people I know. Even though Ali and I had never met, I knew if she was marrying Brandon, she was most likely a laid back and fun gal. My inclination was certainly correct.

Shortly after meeting with them two over starbucks and a short chat, We scheduled an engagement session at Hartwood Acres. During the session, they were a little shy with the camera, but certainly not with each other. You could definitely tell they had major chemistry between them two and that they had been with each other for some time. it was just natural.

The day of the wedding had come and I was greeted with smiles and jokes from both sides of the wedding party. I may have to say that they were the funniest bunch of friends and family I have ever photographed. It was also nice not to be so awkward during the whole wedding as I knew a lot of the people in the wedding party and in attendance. We started at the hotel where Ali was having her hair and makeup done and getting so perfectly all dolled up. She was glowing and relaxing, soaking up all of the pampering she was getting while her girls hung out and finished up some last minute details. Once everyone was finished getting hair and makeup, we headed over to multiple rooms to get group prep photos and start putting on the dresses. While they got dressed, I headed over to the guys who were, how can I put it, jokesters. These guys were hilarious, or so they thought they were, and were all about the pranks. It made for a great day, however.

Once everyone was finished getting dressed, we headed outside where Brandon and Ali had a first look.Ali came out in a sheet and a panda mask for Brandon to turn around to first, which had everyone laughing, but then she revealed her true look, which was absolutely stunning. They shared a brief moment together before we headed off to Mammoth park.

Once we arrived at mammoth park, the girls brought out the speaker and turned up the music as we began to do group and couples photos. It was a good 45 minutes to an hour and pure bliss, jokes, and shared moments. I couldnt have asked for better weather, especially with the rain we were hit with earlier and later in the evening. It was perfect.

Once we arrived at Bell's Banquet, We began the ceremony, which was super sweet and short, but perfectly done. As soon as the vows were over and they were announced husband and wife, it was off to do family photos and then straight into the reception.

The reception began with announcements, followed by 3 special dances and into the cake cutting. Once those were all finished, everyone headed back to their seats where they began the toasts. There were 2 maid of honors and two best mans, so we had the pleasure of 4 great speeches. I always love touching speeches and all 4 had a special touch to them. After the prayer it was time for dinner which was followed by a birthday shoutout and bouquet toss. They had almost all of your typical traditions and ended the night with great music, a bit of mingling and of course, lots of dancing. It was an awesome night.

I am so happy for MR & MRS BROOKS and wish you two nothing but the very best to you and your family.

XoXo - Ashley




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