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One Enchanted Evening | Faith + Bobby | The Hyeholde

When I met with Faith back in March, it was only for a brief hour to go over her day and plans for their wedding day, which they were planning from afar. They are currently living in Chicago, where she is a social worker and he works in the military. I connected with the bubbly and fun side of Faith and even more so when she went in for a hug, so excited to create memories and be married! Like many venues this year, I had yet to work at the Hyehold, so decided to take my own little trip up and check it out... I was instantly enamored! I could not wait for this day to come! 

On the wedding day, I was greeted by a smiling bride at her hotel as she had her hair done. She was so relaxed and calm and not at all nervous ... or so at least she played it all off so cool. I don't know if Ive ever had a calmer bride! I was reintroduced to her family and friends and she finished off the last little bit of prep before we headed off to the Hyehold. At the Hyehold, we gathered in a bridal room while we waited for all of the bridal party to show and also played a little fun "first look" prank on Bobby with his best man. It was the best and the grooms reaction was priceless! Once we were done with the prank, we went ahead with the real first look, where Bobby's reaction was even better. I loved how in love he looked and just stared at her in awe. You could tell he was over the moon about Faith and was so ready to be her husband. We took more photos of them two together around the property and grabbed a few of the wedding party. The day was already beginning to be perfect! 

Once the fun was done, it was time to move onto the ceremony. The ceremony was held in the front of the Hyehold outside, which is a gorgeous location to begin with. It was sunny and a little hot, but no one was focusing on that as there was so much going on to keep our eyes on the bride and groom. There was laughter and tears and many blessing to go around. I was intrigued with all of the special details that went into the ceremony and how well thought out it was. Definitely one I will remember for ever. 

Once Faith and Bobby were announced Mr & Mrs, they walked through a really cool wall of bubbles and we headed off to do family photos for a short amount of time, and then headed off to the reception. 

I loved how well decorated the reception was and that it was all hand made by them and family. It was gorgeous! I am telling you, you can not go wrong with a wedding at the Hyehold. The reception space is already well done in decor, with lit tree branches going from the floor to the balcony and how they place the tables around the dance floor. Plenty of space for a small wedding. Oh and the food, magnifique!! There were many of traditions and speeches that kept all of the guests happy and occupied, all while having so many laughs and fun. It was definitely entertaining all around. 

This is only apart of their story and I know there will be many more for them two to share with family and loved ones in the future. They are a fun loving couple and I am so honored I had the chance to be apart of their special day. Here is to many many more days of love and laughter to you both...


        ~ ashley


  • Photographers:

Ashwood Imagery

  • Second assistant:

Jonathan Mc Diaz

  • Location of where your dress was purchased and Designer ?

Evas Bridal International- Orland Park (it's out here with us in chicago) Mori lee (designer)

  • Location of ring purchase?

Rachael Morgan Jewelry in Pittsburgh PA for Bridal set, Rob and Lean Custom Handcrafted Rings on Etsy for Groom's band

  • Please list your Florist. 

Steel City Florals out of Neville Island

  • location of tux/suit rental/purchase?

It's his army uniform.

  • Please list DJ/Entertainment

Time Warp Entertainment

  • Please list your Caterer


  • please list your hair stylist.

Pittsburgh Glam Team

  • Please list who did your invitations

Designed by DCo Lovenotes on Etsy

  • Please list who did your Cake

  • Sams Club




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