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Love at Sunset | Kayleigh + Christian | Aspinwall Riverfront Marina

Where do I begin with this love bug couple. We met last year for our consult and I instantly knew Id love working with them. I was absolutely correct when we scheduled the engagement session for late August last year. We decided on Roundhill Farm in Elizabeth township at sunset and started in the Black eyed Susan fields, which in full bloom and so beautiful. They started out a little shy but kept snug together, showing off their connection and chemistry, which there was a ton. I was instantly smitten with their smiles and the way they looked at each other. It was genuine and very lax.

Fast forward to wedding day.

I was greeted with lots of smiles, warm welcomes and pure excitement from the bride and her ladies. They were hanging around, enjoying the day and completely chill. I was full of pure joy when I saw how AMAZING the lighting was, provided by the large hotel windows. CHA-CHING!! Kayleigh had everything I needed and more and the setup was exactly what we as photographers all wish for! I got to play and dote over all of the fun Jewelry and pretty stationary, the shoes and flowers. I was having a great time. When the guys arrived a few rooms down, I headed over to them, just in time for a lesson on tie - tying. Even after watching it several times, I still could not tie a tie for you ( future references ) Christian was rocking a new - to - me hair cut and looking super dapper. He was ready to get married and having a good time with the guys. They were all getting ready in some stylish blue suits, Christians' being tailor made just for his big day. I could already tell the entire wedding party was going to be a fun and super chill bunch of people; I loved it!

When I arrived at the Marina, It was time to head out to the docks for the ceremony. I have never had a ceremony on the water before and it was amazing!! The river and train bridge in the background, the sun not too hot but perfectly warming, the gorgeous Brass colored arch... ahhhh. perfection. The ceremony was short and sweet, but also gorgeous. The violin was playing in the background, which just so happened to be played by Christian's younger brother, Jackson. I thought that was the sweetest.

Following the nuptials, we headed out for family and formal photos; What a hilarious bunch of people. We were able to use the grounds as a background as its a large, beautiful piece of land. The group photos were done next to the venue around the trees and we saved the dock for sunset. Once we finished up there, we headed into the venue to get detail shots of their decor, which was simple, yet gorgeous. About 90% of this wedding was hand made by the bride. She was super crafty. Some of her projects I could not believe were hand crafted by her, girls got a crafty and genius mind!

Once everyone was announced in, We got to witness 4 beautiful toasts by some of their closest friends and family. It was super touching and of course, hilarious. I loved how everyone who was present for this, was a relevant part of the stories told. You could tell the select amount of people who they chose to be apart of their wedding day, was there for a reason. Then it was onto the dances, which were perfectly danced by everyone included.

During dinner, I had to make a tough decision to ask Kayleigh and Christian to leave as we were losing the sun and were going to miss sunset if we didn't go immediately. I AM SO GLAD THEY AGREED! The photos we were able to get are beyond amazing and its a rare occasion I am able to get such a beautiful orange, bright and glistening off the water, sunset. It is more than anyone could ask for and it was nice to get them two out of the spotlight for a moment and just able to indulge in being the new MR & MRS. It was an amazing moment to be apart of.

Once we headed back, it was time to cut cake and then party. The Dj was great at working the crowd and lighting and getting the dance floor packed. These people knew how to party and the dance floor was full the entire night!

It was such an amazing day and I will never forget how loving Kayleigh and Christian were with not only there family and friends, but with me as well. They really made me feel like I was on top of the world with their kind words and compliments, as well as how they made sure me and my assistant were taken care of all night. It is people like them who make me love everything about what I do.

Thank you so much Kayleigh and Christian and here is to so many joyous years of love and laughter with those brilliant and amazing smiles of yours. I hope nothing but the best for both and many blessing to you both.





Ashwood Imagery

Photographer Assistant :

Alyssa Woods


Residence Inn North Shore


Aspinwall Riverfront Marina


Bridal Beginnings, Justin Alexander

Shoe designer:

Steve Madden(ceremony) Kate Spade (reception)


Henne Jewelers


made my own bouquets, decorations, centerpieces


Christian has a custom suit from Tom James. Groomsmen suits are from Men's Wearhouse


MobileMix Entertainment - David Kleba, https://www.djmobilemix.com/


JPC Event Group


Sergios Salon


JPC Event Group

Tell us about any special traditions/details we should know about that will happen on your wedding day that you absolutely want photos of.


Decorations... these might not be the most beautiful for your blog, but there were a lot of hours and hot glue gun burns that went into this LOL. I cut the invitations, and made everything on my own or with the help of friends from the moms' corsages, the bouquets and the things that will be hanging in the "openings" of the reception space, so I want to make sure those are all documented at least for me :)




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