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A Romance on the River | Hillary + Anthony | Aspinwall Riverfront Park & Marina

I met with Hillary & Tony last summer to discuss their wedding and plan their engagement session. They automatically stood out to me as a fun and laid back couple, who are also gorgeous and I was so excited to get to work with them. They had book their wedding for the new and gorgeous Aspinwall Marina venue and I had been dying to shoot there! Bucket list -- Check!

During their engagement session, they were such naturals! We began on the rooftops of downtown Pittsburgh and finished at the 5th Avenue Columns at Mellon institute. We got caught in a little bit of rain but still made the best of it and they created magic! It was a beautiful session.

On their wedding day come July 5th, We started with Hillary at their home and we did a few photos of her getting dressed, her dress, and other prep photos. She looked ravishing in her grandmothers wedding gown, altered to her and fit her so perfectly. Once we were set to go, we went to the shuttle to head off to the marina to take the girls photos. It was raining, so we took advantage of some photos inside the venue, which had been set up so amazingly with lots of florals and a mix of modern chic and vintage pieces. I loved the look of how the venue flowed from the main seating area to where the band and dancing were, then into the bar and snack area, followed by the outside marina and dock on the river. It was a sight to see!

Once the guys arrived at the church, we made our way over to start the ceremony. The ceremony was at St. Mary's Church of Sharpsburg, which was a large, old but original and beautiful. It definitely had a lot of the traditional old school Pittsburgh features that I remember as a kid growing up in the area. I loved the architect and features of the church and how well lit the sanctuary was. The ceremony was beautifully done and went off without a hitch. It was so beautiful!

Once the ceremony ended and we finished family photos, we headed off to do formal photos with the bridal party. First we stopped by an underpass where we did a little photos and the videographers added in their drone for some epic under pass footage, I am super excited to see how that turned out! Once we finished there, we headed off to the marina for some more group photos. The rain had finally cleared up and allowed for some really great skies and lighting. We went to the docks and did some amazing group photos and hung out until it was time to be announced in! The reception was beautiful and everything was smooth and fun. We ate a delicious dinner, cut cake and danced the night away. Once sunset hit, I took them out for really pretty photos on the river and the sunset was perfect with pink and purple skies and they were able to break away from the commotion of the party and take a moment to their selves. it was perfect! They finished the night off by dancing and having fun with their loved ones and just taking in being the new MR. & MRS.

Congratulations Tony and Hillary!!

  • 1. What was the venue, in what town and what was the couple’s name?

Aspinwall Marina in Aspinwall (Pittsburgh) , Pa Hillary and Tony Ferraro

  • 2. How did the couple meet?

We met in high school and had mutual friends, but we did not start dating until college. During our college years, we were out at a annual bar crawl we do in Millvale every year and just ended up talking... Tony and I actually do not recall how we met , but this is what we were told.

  • 3. How did the groom propose?

We were horse back riding in the Bahamas on my family vacation. Tony pretended like he wanted to get some pictures of me so he told me to bring the horse on shore from the ocean where we were horse back riding through. When I brought the horse on the shore he gave the camera to the instructor and proposed.

  • 4. What was their first date?

Our first date was the Olive Garden. I was at home for the weekend and before heading back to college he asked me to grab something to eat with him there.


Aspinwall Marina


JPC Event Group


Urso Bus


Nikki Stapleford




My grandmothers for the ceremony. I got it redone. For the reception it was from Anne Gregory in Mount Lebanon

  • VEIL & accessories:

Clarissa Boutique Southside


Father Michael

  • TUXES:

Jacks Tuxedo


Better Bridal Pittsburgh


Colt DeLong


Janneth Avila

  • BAND/DJ:

Bachelor Boys Band


A Sweet Morsel


Tony’s Aunt Donna , Uncle Michael and family friend Nina


Elite Videography




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