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Let me take you back to middle school, 8th grade, when my school began to offer an after school photography club that grabbed my attention. I was already the "family photographer" AKA the one with the most rolls of film and disposable cameras in the house. I LOVED to take photos of everyone and everything. When I heard about the program, I was there the very first class offered and was ready to go... or so I thought. Little did I know how complicated a camera and film really was! I was literally learning photosynthesis in 8th grade science and how photo meant "light" but never put two and two together on the subject of photography. It is literally the art of light!!! I am rambling here a bit, but stick with me...

It didn't take long for me to grasp and really love the true understanding of what photography is. I learned to develop my own film in a dark room and to this day, have an album of all the photos our group created. That is what you see below. That is where it all began. My passion has only grown as well as my skill (again, see below haha) 

As I became more mature, so did my style and my vision of what love and family was all about; how to work fun and raw emotion and natural movement into a session or moment. How to guide my couples and families so that my clients weren't looking as awkward as my fellow classmates and, well I did 20 years ago. I have flourished into someone I know can make you smile when you look back on your session or your wedding day, time after time. I try to stay humble when it comes to myself, but I am a rockstar at this profession and enjoy every moment of it! I want you to love my work and me just as much. So if you are down for a good time and great results, Let's get this ball in motion and make you part of the #ashwoodtribe.



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